Background Music for Hotels

Background Music for Hotels

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Background Music for Hotels and Resorts

Custom hotel background music has the power to create an emotional connection with your guests and make memories through sound. My Instore Radio provides a great selection of licensed music suited for hotels and the hospitality industry. We’ve even made it easy to manage multiple zones and locations to keep the music consistent with your brand.

Everywhere you go in the hotel, from the lobby to the spa areas, music fills the air – and the perfect custom playlist will contribute to the warm welcoming atmosphere of your business.

Unique Background Music Solution for Your Hotel

All our background music for hotels includes the same features and our complete licensed music library with all the songs your guests know and love. You can even switch between our flexible background music solutions for the hospitality industry whenever you prefer.

Pre-Programmed Channels For Hotels

Choose from a wide selection of pre-programmed channels, designed by our team of experts to set the mood in your hotel. Dynamically updated so they always stay fresh.

Combine Music Genres with Genre Selector™

Mix and match from dozens of popular music genres to create your very own custom hotel radio station in minutes. Manage your music from anywhere with our control panel.

Let Us Create the Perfect Playlist For Your Hotel

Soft music for the breakfast hour, energetic music in the fitness area and soothing music in the lobby. Every hotel has its own personality and we create the perfect custom playlist to set the mood for your guests.

Select your playlist song-by-song with Song Selector™

Select every single song yourself. Based on your selections, we create a new custom mix every day and assist you by reviewing and rating all songs and lyrics in advance.

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My Instore Radio – The Best Choice for Music in Your Hotel

Customized hotel background music has the power to create an emotional connection with your guests and warm memories of their stay. My Instore Radio provides an extensive selection of pre-screened, licensed music suited for hotels, resorts and the wider hospitality industry. We make it easy to manage multiple zones and locations to keep the music consistent with your brand. Everywhere you go in the hotel, from the lobby to the spa, music fills the air, with the perfect custom playlist creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

We recognize the power of music – and know how to use it to connect with your guests. Background music brings different areas of the hotel to life. Our system provides customized playlists that are perfect for the many spaces guests visit in and around the hotel. The music in the hotel lobby shouldn’t be the same music playing in the restaurant, bar, along walking paths, or by the pool.

In the hotel environment, tempo and volume matter. Medium tempo at moderate volume promotes busy, engaged behavior, whereas louder, fast-paced music might be more appropriate in an active poolside area. The musical selection in the spa should of course be relaxing. To influence buying behavior, hotels might even use a custom playlist for the gift shop.

Create a Warm Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Hotel

My Instore Radio is a subscription-based background music streaming and digital signage solution for hotels and resorts. From small businesses to global brands, My Instore Radio scales to any business size and can be centrally managed from anywhere to create a consistent music experience.

How Important Is Background Music for Hotels and Resorts?

Let’s face it, music seems to be everywhere these days. Intentionally placed background music becomes an important part of a successful hotel or resort’s brand.

We offer playlists that set the mood for any location, creating a harmonious soundscape. You’ll probably want a familiar Classic Rock playlist in a casual restaurant to keep guests happy while they await service. In a traditional bar setting, a Cool Jazz vibe is perfect for lingering over cocktails, whereas at an upscale bar, a more modern playlist like “Indie-Electronic” would be a smart choice. My Instore Radio also offers curated seasonal playlists, ranging from pop hits to jazz. We even provide relaxing playlists dedicated to the spa area or massage room. There’s something for every taste and every possible setting.

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Music for the Hotel Lobby

Hotel lobbies are busy places day and night. The staff’s goal is to provide a speedy check-in experience and move guests through the lobby as comfortably as possible. That’s where the right music comes in. Hoteliers know that customers can get impatient if there are unavoidable delays. Music with a steady beat will move listeners along; Upbeat Pop, Rock, and Soft Rock playlists can be helpful in creating a harmonious environment. If the goal of your lobby experience is to serve upscale guests, “indie-electronic” might be a good fit. A steady beat, with a clean modern sound, helps set the tone for quality and style.

Smaller boutique-style hotels might prefer the carefully curated songs on an indie playlist. The lobby also serves as a meetup spot for friends. In that case, you’ll want a playlist that is casual yet familiar. Ultimately, you get to decide which music genres works best in your environment.


Choose the Right Option for Your Hotel

Select the right media player option for your hotel, sign up for an account, and you are ready to manage music, video and overhead messaging.

  • The reliable, ‘set-and-forget’ MIR Media Player. A dedicated piece of hardware for either music or video streaming. A business media player for business needs.
  • The MIR Streaming App. Download and install the app on one of the devices you already have and you are ready to play music.
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Digital Signage for Hospitality

Digital signage is the next-level method for reaching out to your guests and engaging with them.

Use digital signage from My Instore Radio to advertise restaurants, spa offerings and anything else that may interest your guests.

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