Who we are

My Instore Radio began in 2011 in Billund, Denmark when the founding partners of a local Danish radio station had a great idea. “Let’s create custom radio stations for customers all over the world by streaming music over the Internet.”

It turned out to be a great idea. So great, in fact, that My Instore Radio has now expanded into more than 35 countries, serving thousands of locations around the world. And recently, we were awarded our third consecutive ‘Gazelle Award’, which recognizes the fastest growing Danish companies.

For us, this isn’t just a business, it’s FUN! We LOVE music and want to share it with the world.
We truly enjoy helping our clients create the perfect music mix for their customers. We also love creating the ads that help those businesses reach levels of success they have only dreamed of.

We also take customer service very seriously. We truly care about the success of your business and go to great lengths to help you solve whatever problems you may have. To us, you’re not just a “client”, you’re a friend and we strive every day to treat you with respect and care.

We want your business to thrive and we know how to make it sound amazing! So, don’t hesitate to call us with any requests you can think of. We’re here to help.

For the third consecutive year, My Instore Radio is among the fastest growing Danish companies

What we do

My Instore Radio is a subscription-based custom music streaming and digital signage solution for any type of business. From local businesses to global brands, we make it easy to play and manage music, messaging and video content in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, bars and cafés, gyms, etc.

We provide each of your locations with a reliable, ‘set-and-forget’ internet streaming player. You don’t need a computer or similar device – simply connect the player to the Internet and then to a receiver or amplified speakers. The player is pre-configured when it arrives, so it will automatically start playing music when you plug it in.

Our system is flexible and easy to use. We can adjust the music settings to fit your customer demographics or you can manage everything yourself.
You don’t have to install any software, just sign in from our website and access our user-friendly interface. You can even have different music settings for different times of the day or week – and of course different music settings for different times of the year and for special occasions.

We screen all songs in our library to ensure the best possible music experience for your customers. With a simple click, you can avoid songs with explicit subject matter.

You can also configure and control ads, jingles and announcements in your playlist. Upload audio files to your account and decide how often you want to play your content. The content management system is built on principles used in professional radio stations.

Every day, we create new customized playlists based on your settings and our music updates. You’ll never have to worry about spending time making your store sound right. You can change all settings, both music and adverts, at any time. You will hear the changes within a few minutes.

Our system makes it easy to control multiple locations with one master account. And we provide an online support portal for managing and monitoring all your locations.

Download our free Support App for iOS and monitor your players on your phone and see which songs have been played and when.

We’re here to answer any of your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information

We are hiring

We are always on the lookout for new talented colleagues who can contribute to My Instore Radio with their professionalism and good skills. Please feel free to send your motivated application and CV to: application@myinstoreradio.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Open positions

  • Currently there are no open positions

Our team

Sales and Corporate Management

Søren Klausen - CEO of My Instore Radio

Søren Klausen

Brian W. Roberts - VP of Sales and Ad Production (US) at My Instore Radio

Brian W. Roberts
VP of Sales and Ad Production (US)

Mette Meier Bloch - Executive HR Manager at My Instore Radio

Mette Meier Bloch
Executive HR Manager

Benjamin Bergkvist Mortensen - Business Development Coordinator at My Instore Radio

Benjamin Bergkvist Mortensen
Business Development Manager

Support and Customer Care

Lisa Hansen - PA, Support and Customer Care at My Instore Radio

Lisa Hansen
PA, Support & Customer Care

Jesper Stengård Thomsen - Support and Customer Care at My Instore Radio

Jesper Stengård Thomsen
Support & Customer Care

Therese Roberts - Support and Customer Care at My Instore Radio

Therese Roberts
Support & Customer Care

Søren Riley - Support and Customer Care at My Instore Radio

Søren Riley
Support & Customer Care

Music Management

Ken Abrams - Music Manager at My Instore Radio

Ken Abrams
Music Manager


Jakob Søholm - Developer at My Instore Radio

Jakob Søholm

Poul Christensen - Technical Director at My Instore Radio

Poul Christensen
Technical Director

Zohreh Amiri Davani - Developer at My Instore Radio

Zohreh Amiri Davani

Cristian Paraschiv - Developer at My Instore Radio

Cristian Paraschiv