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Verify if Your MIR Media Player Is Connected

Enter the MIR Media Player MAC address located on the bottom of the device

MAC addresses are expressed in six hexadecimal values possibly separated by colons (:) i.e. they can only be numbers 0–9 and the letters A–F

How to Install the MIR Media Player for Either Music or Digital Signage

The MIR Media Player arrives pre-provisioned for your venue and ready for use. Simply connect to power, internet and your existing AV system.

Our dedicated streaming device is designed to meet your needs for simple, seamless installation and connects to any commercial sound system.

  1. Connect Ethernet cable to LAN port
  2. Connect RCA audio cable from your amplifier or HDMI cable from screen or TV
  3. Connect power cord
  4. Connection to the Internet has been established when correct time is displayed
  5. Verify MIR Media Player connection

MIR Media Player for Music

MIR Media Player for Digital Signage

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