Background Music and Digital Signage for Retail Stores


Looking for the Perfect Background Music for Retail Stores?

Custom background music is a well-known marketing technique that is being used by many retailers to enhance the customer experience and increase sales. The right blend of music played at the right time in a retail store reflects the brand’s personality and has the potential to put people in the right buying mood if used correctly.

Customize your in-store streaming music service to meet the specific needs of your retail business and build your brand with My Instore Radio.

We Ensure a Unique Background Music Solution Based on the Option You Choose for Your Retail Business

All our background music for retail stores includes the same features and our complete licensed music library with all the songs your customers know and love. You can even switch between our flexible background music solutions for retail whenever you prefer.

Pre-Programmed Channels For Retail Stores

Choose from a wide selection of pre-programmed channels, designed by our team of experts to set the mood at your business. Dynamically updated so they always stay fresh.

Combine Music Genres with Genre Selector™

Mix and match from dozens of popular music genres to create your very own custom retail radio station in minutes. Manage your music from anywhere with our control panel.

Let Us Create the Perfect Playlist For Your Store

Based on the demographics of your business and all the tools from professional radio stations, we create the perfect playlist to motivate staff and engage your customers.

Select your playlist song-by-song with Song Selector™

Select every single song yourself. Based on your selections, we create a new custom mix every day and assist you by reviewing and rating all songs and lyrics in advance.


Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Digital signage is the next-level method for reaching out to your customers and engaging with them.

Use in-store digital signage from My Instore Radio to create an exciting and immersive shopping experience, spotlight sales, promote new services and grow customer loyalty.

Everything You Need to Meet the Specific Needs of Your Retail Business

My Instore Radio is a subscription-based background music streaming and digital signage solution for retail stores. From small businesses to global brands, My Instore Radio scales to any business size and can be centrally managed from anywhere to create a consistent music experience.


Choose the Right Option for Your Retail Business

Select the right player option for your retail business, sign up for an account, and you are ready to manage music, video and overhead messaging.

  • The reliable, ‘set-and-forget’ MIR Media Player. A dedicated piece of hardware for either music or video streaming. A business player for business needs.
  • The MIR Streaming App. Download and install the app on one of the devices you already have and you are ready to play music.

Let’s discuss your business needs