Your customers are listening

Obtain the perfect music mix with limitless possibilities

Music can instantly change a person’s mood. The right song at the right time can make a person happy, sad, or excited.
Our vast selection of great music allows you to craft the perfect music mix for your brand. Our Online Control Center gives you the power to quickly and easily mix songs your customers love.

Studies show that happy customers spend more time and money in your store.

Choose the songs yourself or let our team of experts help choose them for you. Our team has decades of broadcast radio experience that they bring to the table to ensure your music mixes are perfect.

We review and rate all songs and lyrics

We know that the wrong song can quickly ruin a good customer experience.
We take the time to listen to and screen every single song on our platform to identify mature lyrics and content.

We categorize each song in three ways:
Explicit (mature lyrics and content)
Clean (No mature lyrics, Possible mature content)
SUPER Clean (No mature lyrics or content)

With one click you can screen out all the songs you don’t want your customers to hear.