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Flexible music for business solutions. Obtain the perfect custom music mix with limitless possibilities.


Never Underestimate the Power of Music

Music can instantly change a person’s mood. The right song at the right time can make a person happy, sad, or excited. Study after study shows that strategic and customised in-store radio enhances the customer experience, increases purchase intent and reflects the brand’s personality.

We Ensure a Unique Background Music Solution Based on the Option You Choose

All our background music for business solutions includes the same features and our complete music library with all the songs your customers know and love. No matter which solution you choose, you get similar features derived from professional radio programming practices – all managed from a user-friendly online control panel. You can even switch between our solutions whenever you prefer.

Pre-Programmed Channels to Set the Mood

Choose from a wide selection of pre-programmed channels, designed by our team of experts to set the mood at your business. Dynamically updated so they always stay fresh.

Combine Music Genres with Genre Selector™

Mix and match from dozens of popular music genres to create your very own custom radio station in minutes. Manage your music from anywhere with our control panel.

Let Us Create the Ultimate Playlist for Your Brand

Based on the demographics of your business and all the tools from professional radio stations, we create the perfect playlist to motivate staff and engage your customers.

Select your playlist song-by-song with Song Selector™

Select every single song yourself. Based on your selections, we create a new custom mix every day and assist you by reviewing and rating all songs and lyrics in advance.


We Review and Rate All Songs and Lyrics

We know that the wrong song can quickly ruin a good customer experience. We screen every single song on our platform to ensure the best possible music experience for your customers.

Select your level of sensitivity with only one click:

  • Explicit (Mature lyrics and content)
  • Clean (No mature lyrics, Possible mature content)
  • Super Clean (No mature lyrics or content)
screening of songs

Everything You Need to Create Extraordinary Customer Experiences Through Music and Messaging

Schedule Music

Set the right mood and energy level during calm mornings and busy afternoons with our dayparting feature. Easily control and schedule different music settings by time-of-day and day-of-week. Start and stop with your business hours.

Seasonal Music Profiles

You can create special music profiles for Christmas, Halloween, and other specific occasions. These seasonal playlists can be scheduled in advance, whenever you find the time, and are automatically renewed year after year.

Dynamic Playlists

No looping of playlists. Every day we create a new dynamic playlist based on your settings. Constantly updated and never repetitive. You can change all settings at any time and hear the changes within a few minutes.

Control Multiple Locations

Our online support portal makes it easy to control and monitor all your locations. My Instore Radio scales to any business size and can be centrally managed from anywhere to create a consistent music experience.

In-Store Messaging

Upload and schedule your own ads, jingles and announcements. Choose the frequency and drive sales with overhead audio promotions. Never worry about commercials from your competitors.

Licensed for Business

Playing music in a store, restaurant, gym, hotel lobby, mall, etc, is commercial use and requires specific music licensing. Unlike consumer streaming offerings, My Instore Radio is fully licensed and legal for commercial use in your business.


The Perfect Music Mix for Your Brand

Our vast selection of great licensed music allows you to craft the perfect music mix for your brand. Our online control panel gives you the power to quickly and easily mix songs your customers know and love.

Choose the songs yourself or let our team of experts help choose them for you. Our team has decades of broadcast radio experience that they bring to the table to ensure your curated music mixes are perfect.

Let’s discuss your business needs