My Instore Radio Is for Every Business

Our clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporates and global brands. We work with companies of all sizes and across a diverse range of industries around the world.

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Music is an important part of any business. Whatever your industry, My Instore Radio provides a legal and licensed custom music streaming solution for business, uniquely designed to meet your specific needs. Create impressive customer experiences through music and messaging for any type of business.

Custom background music for retail stores

Music for Retail Stores

Custom retail radio is a powerful tool to engage your shoppers, increase sales and enhance your brand. Your customers are listening.

Background music for restaurants

Music for Restaurants

Fine dining or quick service restaurant? Customize background music to create the perfect ambiance in your eatery.

Background music for hotels

Music for Hotels

Create an emotional connection with your guests and make memories through sound in the lobby, hotel bar, pool area, etc.

Background music for supermarkets

Music for Supermarkets

Elevate your shoppers’ supermarket experience and encourage your ideal customers to linger longer by streaming the right music. Promote special offers to boost your sales.

Background music for shopping malls

Music for Shopping Malls

The right soundtrack promotes optimal customer experience during time spent at your mall or shopping center.

Background music for bars and pubs

Music for Bars and Pubs

Music creates atmosphere. Build momentum with daypart schedules and set the right mood at the best time.

Background music for cafes

Music for Cafes

The service, the menu and the music should all work together to create a unique and memorable experience.

Overhead music for workspaces and offices

Music for Workspaces and Offices

Inspire creativity, encourage collaboration and influence increased productivity with the appropriate overhead music.

Background music for gyms and fitness centers

Music for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Schedule different music profiles and tempos throughout the day designed to motivate members of your gym or fitness center.

Background music for wellness center and spas

Music for Wellness and Spas

Inspire your client’s comfort and let them find their inner peace with music curated to enhance relaxation and meditation.